The Einley team operate under the following values.



Hand in hand with development, many of the better systems that have been innovated invthe last few generations have been disruptive in their intent to create. This is where innovation shines; the ability to bring about new ways of working, new methods of doing things, new technologies to support new systems. This is about the ‘real factor’ of innovation, something that can be measured and quantified on the path to ‘real impact’.



With the movement towards a more progressive and collective mentality, the flourishing of social enterprises and the transformation of philanthropy into impact, the notion of accountability has more and more meaning. To use an age-old metaphor: if a desired impact is dropping a large stone into a pond, accountability is not just the banks of the river and the ripples extending outwards, it is everything happening in the water, above the water and around the pond. Oftentimes, accountability is diversified or minimised in the name of forward-movement. We are far from perfect, but we are on an uphill struggle to understand and therefore design within, the social, economic, cultural and biophysical accountabilities that each one of our investment levies.



Each one of our “verticals” be it project, partner, product or affiliate has large goals and smaller ones. A smaller goal may be meeting a deadline or providing for the next generation and a larger goal could be changing the mentality of a region or supplying a nation with renewable energy. Each vertical has a story to tell, and we think it’s important you know as much as possible as this is as much about trust as it is faith. Read about each vertical with the PDF supplied or ask us for more information



Our verticals are designed around forward-thinking impact. With your help, we want to offer sustainable, beneficial and progressive ways of approaching big themes around the globe. As the corporate world shifts into more social and foresighted ways of doing business, so does the for-purpose world, and Einley intend to lead the path into making change happen. Positive impact, creatively disruptive systems and clean models make our verticals work now and into the future. Invest in impact and make a difference that will inevitably come back to you.


There are always opportunities to go out to visit each of our verticals and get involved. This can be as a volunteer, intern or employee. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view know more...

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