Einley is as a focused peer-to-peer lending platform, highlighting the important positive interrelationship between your financial return and real social impact.

As the old adage goes ‘be wary of investments that you don’t understand’ we want you to know exactly where your loans are going, so be sure to check out our infographic here to understand how our evolutionary P2P lending model works, and the benefit it is designed to bring. We want you to be able to understand your investment.

It is common logic that if unemployment rises, borrowers are more likely to default and investors returns will inevitable decrease. The Einley model essentially stimulates all parties involved in the transaction, be it a local MFI who can increase tangible impact, a microentrepreneur who can hire new hands, and investor who receives a reliable and solid return and Einley, who transparently covers costs as a go-between.

The Einley platform is designed on the principle of synergy; each entity involved in any transaction benefits, and we believe mutual growth across the board is the key to large-scale positive impact. There is a sturdy and intelligent framework behind the working of our organisation, one that allows clear steering in policy-led and regulatory labyrinths and most importantly an honest channel of investment.

Einley works under a clear set of values and commits time, resources and money to the well being of our family including partners, projects,

At the current moment, Einley are focusing on the following verticals: Climate, Renewable Energy and the steering of Microfinance Institutions on the front lines of many emerging economies throughout the world.

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Beneficiary Bank: AFIRME S.A.Juarez Sur 800 Piso 9, Colonia Centro C.P. 64000 Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico Swift AFIRMXMTXXX

Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust  Company Americas  ABA: 021001033  SWIFT: BKTRUS33 Plaza: New York, USA.



Bank AFIRME S.A., Prados Carmelinas, Morelia Bank account number: 000189118724 Clabe: 062470001891187246



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