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Microfinance are financial services to marginalized population, provided by different figures such as private MFIs or cooperatives. Higher risk is offset by social impact and higher yields. 


Climate finance refers to financing channeled for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and programs. In we especially focus on carbon offsets and mitigation banking. 


Solar energy financing as we finance it in is related to both climate finance and microfinance. Especially, we target smaller island solar energy projects. 


Einley is expanding rapidly and will be onboarding new partners, projects, products and affiliates in the very near future. At the moment, funds can be channeled through our network of MFIs and a range of attractive lending opportunities which can be seen below.


MFI CIA - Azerbaijan - 6% p.a. loan for beekeepers

beehive microfinance loans mexico
With shipment 12 for $0.00
Loan amount: $588.00
Amount to be repaid: $623.28
Interest: $35.28

Your loan will go to Gasimzade Aliniyaz, a beekeeping entrepreneur who will use the money for the purchase of wood and other building materials. This loan will provide the investor with a 6% return per annum

Key Information:

  • Strategic loan to Gasimzade Aliniyaz, a beekeper
  • Financing period is 12 months
  • Investment of $588USD with a 6% return per annum
  • Your loan will aid Gasimzade in sustainably increasing his output


Working in tandem with our local MFI partner in Azerbaijan, this is a wonderful opportunity to support a local micro entrepreneur and stimulate his enterprise of the production of sustainable, organic honey.

Gasimzade Aliniyaz lives in the Massali region of Azerbaijan, roughly 250km from Baku. He is a beekeeper by trade and produces honey which he sells in local markets. Gasimzade lives in conditions with relatively high humidity and in the surrounding area there is much flora and gardens, creating a perfect ecosystem for healthy bees. Gasimzade will use the loan to manufacture more hives, which require several parts and some precision.



  • Gasimzade has 12 beehives with each hive containing 12-14 frames
  • Each bee colony will produce bi-yearly and each frame can hold 4kg of organic honey during a year, of which 35% will be sold
  • Thus in a year over 12 hives, 624kg of honey is produced. Of this, 60% (374.4kg) is left for the nourishment of the bees, 5% (31.2kg) is kept for personal use and 35% (218.4kg) is prepared for sale
  • The sale price of honey in local markets is 20AZN and Gasimzade will sell his honey at a bulk price of 17AZN per unit


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