Maseual Xicaualis


Tosepan Titataniske started in 1977 as an indigenous movement from the Sierra northeast from Puebla and formalized in 1980 as a cooperative. They have developed several job programs in their area, in these programs they considerer the necessities of the community. Since the beginning of Tosepan Titataniske they have had many important contributions to the communities, being one of them helping to open, and give maintenance to over 110 km of road.

History: The founders have a “sweet beginning” because the first activity they undertake was acquired sugar at a lower price. With input of fifty and one hundred pesos, the partners reach enough capital to buy 20 tons of sugar each month and to distribute sugar at a price of $3 pesos among the community. Since then it has been considered the cooperative movement as the best option to increase the life quality of the families.

In order to develop the company they create agro-industrial chain and the commercialization of products forming another cooperative "Maseual  Xicaualis” (Indian force, in Nahuatl). In which they commercialize coffee, pepper and honey.