Credit Implementation Agency

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Credit Implementation Agency LLC NBLO was founded in 2002 by Turkish Company “G&G Consulting” within the Joint Project of the Republic ofAzerbaijan and “World Bank” “Development and Crediting of Agricultural”. CIAwas registered by Ministry of Justice on September 9, 2002 and on October, 2002received License #12-10/3 from Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the execution of credit operations. After termination of agreement between Azerbaijan Government and Company “G&G Consulting” beginning from August 03, 2005,the founder of CĐA was “Association of Credit Union of Azerbaijan” Public Unionand then on September 22, 2005 it was registered by Ministry of Justice.Beginning from February 15, 2013, founders of “Credit implementing Agency”LLC NBO were one Public Union (Association of Credit Union of Azerbaijan), 8leading Creditors Union and 11 individuals being the member of staff.

The financial statements for 2015 and 2015 are to be found here:;