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Financing of microfinance institutions

We help people and companies to finance microfinance institutions with an important social target of their microcredit operations, preferably village banks.

Financing of cooperatives

We are supporting financial as well as production cooperatives that are professional and that are transparent to their members, as one of the best options for development.  

Financing of carbon related schemes

We are working on a new scheme of carbon financing that will allow physical persons to offset their carbon footprint. 

Financing of development projects

We are also supporting individual projects that have an important development impact and create sustainable mechanisms. 


Empresa turística impulsa compensación de emisiones de CO2 en QRoo

Ciudad de México . Una empresa de turismo operada por habitantes de la zona maya de Quintana Roo, Community Tours Sian Ka'an, puso en marcha un programa que le permitirá compensar las emisiones de CO2 emitidas por los recorridos turísticos que opera, con lo cual se convertirá en la primera empresa formada por comunidades locales del país en implant...
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Comenzar MFI is the first client of Einley.com

Comenzar will be the first target of the Einley.com funding. Michoacan based institution provides village banks credit.  
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FCPY as a second client of Einley.com

Einley.com accepted the FCPY - the Climatic Fund of Yucatan Peninsula as a client looking for donations and funding, as the second client after Comenzar.  
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Einley.com is approaching the launch

 Works on Einley.com are nearing the launch. The logo is ready!
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